Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cuba Elderly Peggy

This is Peggy, she is 72. She likes to talk, alot. She has been married 3 times. She had two daughters, one of her daughters passes away, which broke her heart. In the picture with her is her cousin. Peggy is dyeing her hair purple in celebration of Saint Lazarus. In cuba it is often a tradition to wear purple of the day of Saint Lazarus which is Dec. 17. Peggy decided to take it a bit further. Peggy hurt her side in a bad fall and doesn't really leave her house. Peggy collects many dolls and mixes her religious traditions with a afro-cuban religion and the dolls she keeps. In other words these dolls are holy to her. Peggy was a pleasure to meet, one might say a real firecracker, that one.

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